With this BUNDLE you get BOTH the "Ultimate Shoulder" and "Ultimate Hip Plan"

Ultimate Shoulder

In this 43-page digital product you will learn:

how to improve your mobility, increase your stability or regain shoulder strength
how to identify postural traits that could lead to your pain
how to get clues for what type of injury/pain you may have
This product feature more than 40 links to easy to understand tutorials and exercise demonstrations. This product also comes with a video library of more than 300 shoulder specific videos that are completely downloadable.


Ultimate Hip Plan


This plan will help you to rebuild and reconstruct your hips to move and feel better.

Use this plan to personalize your hip training based on self assessments to determine pelvic posture type, isolated muscular strength and mobility.

This 30 page digital guide include over 100 different exercises and routines to help you chase your goals and not have to run from pain.