The Ultimate Hip Plan/ "How to Self-Treat Plantar Fasciitis" Bundle


This bundle includes "The Ultimate Hip Plan" and "How to Self Treat Plantar Fasciitis"

"The  Ultimate Hip Plan"

This plan will help you to rebuild and reconstruct your hips to move and feel better.

Use this plan to personalize your hip training based on self-assessments to determine pelvic posture type, isolated muscular strength, and mobility.

This 30-page digital guide includes over 100 different exercises to help you chase your goals and not have to run from pain.


"How to Self Treat Plantar Fasciitis"


Plantar fasciitis is a horrible pain that hurts in the foot but creates problems throughout your body. This training manual will help you alleviate the pain and return to fitness. Within the contents of this digital multimedia project you will find:


  • A 63-page plan broken into four phases of training. Each phase introduces progressive mobility, stretching and strengthening drills.
  • Seven simple self-assessments to determine the true cause of YOUR plantar fasciitis. This means you work on the pain and the problem.
  • A detailed list of things you MUST DO and AVOID outside of the gym to eliminate plantar fasciitis.
  • More than 50 pages of easy to read and simple to use material