This is a personalized plan created to help you fix a particular movement or improve a particular skill. It could be ANY MOVEMENT ABILITY, whether it is your running stride, your squat, or even your ability garden in your yard, I will use an assessment via ZOOM to find out where the weak links are at and correct them.


What the MOVEMENT FIX includes:

This is a movement-specific assessment. Based upon your movement-related goal, a personalized assessment protocol be created. The assessment will include a detailed look at foot/ankle, hip, knee, lower back, upper back, shoulders, and neck work together. The results of the assessment will allow us to create a needs analysis. This needs analysis helps us to determine whether a joint needs mobility, stability or both. We will use this information to create your plan. Your detailed plan will include training for each joint.


How the MOVEMENT FIX works:

There are 3 steps:


This intake form will include:

- a detailed history of your injuries

- a series of pictures for foot/ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, and head alignment

- movement specific video (based upon your goal)


The assessment is performed via ZOOM and will be 30 minutes in length. The assessment protocol is based upon your individual goal.


Following the assessment, a personalized library of videos will be created to help fulfill the needs of each of your joints as they relate to the movement goals that you have.