This is a life-changing corrective exercise program is designed to discover the root causes of your chronic pain and movement dysfunction and address it with exercise-related techniques. Your program will be monitored and updated every two weeks for an entire year.

WHAT it is:

- The Body Blueprint starts with a 25 minute Skype/ZOOM to assess and prepare a DAILY POSTURAL MAINTENANCE and PERSONALIZED MOBILITY SET OF MOBILITY DRILLS.

- Following the initial assessment, you will be sent your daily plan of exercises. These are drills that are intended to calm down overactive muscles that are pulling you into postural deviations.

- Follow-up sessions are scheduled every other week for accountability and the proper progression/regression of exercises.

WHO it is for:

- Athletes of all types (Crossfit, Powerlift, football, baseball, etc)

- Anyone that just wants to feel/move better

HOW it works:

(1) You send in detailed PHOTOS I ask for and video I need
(2) I study (and usually ask for more)
(3) We meet (online-via Skype/ZOOM) to confirm my thoughts by assessing your movements
(4) I create a PDF of daily exercises you need and VIDEO based mobility drills to your level

WHAT you get:

(1) I create a PDF of daily exercises you need and a personalized VIDEO library of mobility drills to your level

(2) 24 follow-up sessions (15-minute Skype/ZOOM) to regress or progress the exercises.


- We take a detailed look at your posture from head to toe to discover joints that are misaligned as a result of old injuries or habits.

- You will perform a series of simple movements to help us discover any potential muscle imbalances.

WHAT you need for the assessment:

- The Skype/ZOOM app with a webcam (mobile devices are suitable)

- A broomstick, chair and a wall (no need to be at the gym)

* NO ENGLISH NECESSARY, Skype has a translator service.