The Bad Back Bundle


This Bundle includes:

 1. The Body Blueprint

2. The Ultimate Back Bible


Here are the descriptions for each of the products:

The Body Blueprint is a professionally designed program that uses exercise-related techniques to help you move and feel better. This program includes 3 sessions via ZOOM to create a program that will help you not only alleviate chronic pain but discover and self-treat the cause.


Session 1:

Assessment & Soft Tissue - During this 25-minute session, we will assess your full posture. This assessment will allow us to build a daily soft issue routine.


Session 2:

 Joint & Muscle Mobility - Our first follow-up session, is used to create a personalized set of corrective stretching and joint mobility exercises. The aim of this session is to complement the soft-tissue routine.

Session 3:

Muscle activation - Our second follow-up session, is dedicated to overcoming weaknesses. Simple sets of muscle activation exercises will be added to your routine.


With the completion of the Body Blueprint sessions. you will have 3 step routine that you can use on a daily basis that can help you overcome chronic pain so that you can move and feel better.

REMEMBER, everything is customized to your needs and abilities. This also includes the amount of time and equipment that you have available.

The Ultimate Back Bible

This interactive PDF is filled with more than 500 minutes worth of video content to help you alleviate and prevent lower back pain. This program follows five simple steps to help your lower back return pain-free. Within this 25 page PDF you will learn:

- the most common trigger points related to lower back pain

- self-traction exercises to mobilize joint positions

- lifestyle tips, tricks, and tweaks to help you move and feel better

- the 10 true causes of back pain

- 5 minutes fixes for postural deviations

and much more!!