The Daily Five (TDF)


This single-session service is designed to give you the five exercises you need most to overcome postural deviations and chronic pain.

WHAT it is:

- An individually prescribed set of activation exercises to help realign your posture and create balance in your muscles. These drills will use your WEAK MUSCLES to help stretch your TIGHT MUSCLES and make permanent changes to your posture and alignment.

WHO it is for:

- This is great for anyone who is frustrated with not seeing change after going to one specialist after the next. These are the types of exercises that will help you maintain your alignment after you receive physical therapy treatment or a chiropractic adjustment

HOW it works:

(1) You send in the detailed PHOTOS I ask for 

(2) I study 

(3) We meet (online via ZOOM) to  assess and confirm my thoughts by assessing your movements

WHAT you get:

(1) A personalized VIDEO library of the ACTIVATION DRILLS appropriate for your ability and limitations. These are postural exercises and will not need any special equipment.

(2) A 5-page pdf with a breakdown of your assessment and written details for each of the selected drills


- We take a detailed look at your posture from head to toe to discover joints that are misaligned as a result of old injuries or habits.

- You will perform a series of simple movements to help us discover any potential muscle imbalances.

WHAT you need for the assessment:

- The ZOOM app with a webcam (mobile devices are suitable)
- A broomstick, chair, and a wall (no need to be at the gym)