Body Blueprint 12 Session Package


This is a 12-session Body Blueprint Plan.


The first 3 sessions will include a full-body plan to help reverse postural deviations, muscle imbalances, and alleviate chronic pain 


Sessions 4-6 will be used to improve movements in the forward/backward directions. The emphasis will be on drills to help improve the abilities to bend and extend at the hip, ankle, knee, and shoulder while learning personalized movement strategies for actions like reaching, pulling, squatting, and lunging.  The exercises learned during this phase help to overcome the stresses of sitting while enhancing the abilities of walking and running.


Sessions 7-9 will be used to improve movements in the side-to-side directions. Improving lateral movements increases the stability of the hips, core, and shoulders. This reduces the chances for compensation by other parts of the body. The focus drills of this phase will be learning new strategies to shift the body at the feet, ankles hips, and shoulders left and right. This phase helps those suffering from chronic pains such as plantar fasciitis, single-side back pain, and neck tightness, 


Sessions 10-12 will be used to improve rotational movements. Improving the ability to twist at the hips, torso, shoulders, and neck helps to reduce the stresses on our body particularly in the lower back and in the knees. There will be an emphasis placed on using the muscles on your core and hips to not only generate force but to also resist forces and protect your spine. 


This package includes 3 -25 minute sessions (weeks 1 ,4, 7, 10) and 4-15 minute sessions (weeks 2,3,5,6,8.9, 11,12). Each session will be performed via ZOOM.