Learn the RANGE OF MOTION FITNESS way of doing things!


The goal of Range of Motion Fitness is to teach people exercises that can make them move and feel better. Everything in our system is based upon a simple systematic approach to assessing a person's posture and movement ability, then using that the results of the assessment process to build a simple set of exercises.


In this online mentorship each student can LEARN things like:

- The art of assessing posture and movement from head to toe.

- Simple corrective programming for shoulder, hip, back, and foot pain.

- How to create exercises based on a person's needs, wants, abilities, and equipment.

- You tell me your NEEDS and I will help you find the answers!


This student-driven mentorship will be taught at your level of understanding and aimed at your needs as a professional. The goal of this program is to enhance your curiosity about pain-relief exercise and improve your status as an elite fitness trainer or coach.


HOW :  The mentorship will be taught completely online via Skype. There will be one Skype session per month. The learning program will be based upon the needs of the student but will include the simple systematic approach that I use daily to help people that want to MOVE BETTER.


In other words, my goal is to give you what I know to help you understand how to help people better!