The "Range of Motion" Essentials Book Collection includes,


Performance Self Therapy - This simple to use guide help you understand how to overcome the most common complaints of pain that are associated with fitness. With more than 300 video demonstrations and 60 pages, you will have the quick answers that you can use for yourself or your clients to help prevent a little pain from turning into a full-blown injury.


The Ultimate Mobility Library - The largest collection of mobility drills ever assembled in one project. Gives you all the answers you need to keep your body moving healthy so that you can move more. More than 200 videos and 100 pages of material are meant to be user-friendly and guide you through the endless ways you can better.


The Ultimate Hip Plan - Our hips are the crossroads of our body. If they are not functioning correctly, then everything above and below has to make up the difference. This book is filled with video demonstrations of exercises and assessments to help you understand your "hip type" and what to do about it. This guide is meant to be user-friendly.


The Training Manual for Correcting Weak Links - This book is like a crystal ball. In this manual, you will uncover which of the 11 most forgotten muscles are weak and what to do about it. As we age, these are the most common sources of injury and pain. Using this manual effectively you will significantly reduce your chances of getting hurt and missing time from fitness or living with chronic pain.



Altogether there is about 300 pages worth of material and more than 500 videos to sort through. Everything that we do is meant to be simple to use and easy to understand.