WHAT IT IS - This is the complete package of RANGE OF MOTION FITNESS services and products. What you get is one-on-one service and each plan that I have ever created.

This includes:


The Body Blueprint ($150) - a 6-week corrective exercise program following a 25min ZOOM assessment

Ultimate Mobility Library ($30) - more than 200 mobility drills

A Training Manual for Correcting Weak Links ($30) - a full system of self-assessments and program design to restore posture

The Ultimate Hip Plan ($30) - identify pelvic postures and the programs to correct them

Performance Self Therapy ($30) - overcome common fitness and chronic pains with exercise

The Ultimate Shoulder ($30) - repair, rebuild and rejuvenate shoulders

How to Self Treat Plantar Fasciitis ($30) - 9-week program to overcome Plantar Fasciitis

An Athletes Handbook for Quick Pain Relief ($9.99) - trigger point relief exercises for athletes

The Best 5 Minutes of your Day Collection ($30) - the entire collection of daily 5 minute videos with tips, tricks, and tweaks to help you move and better.

The Ultimate Back Bible ($30) - identify why your back hurts and what to do about it

The Crossfit Mobility Plan ($30) - a 7 day, 20-minute plan of drills that you can do before any workout

The Easiest Mobility Plan Ever ($30)- fit daily mobility work into your schedule with minimal equipment, time, and space