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This single-session service is designed to give you the tools to alleviate chronic pain with exercise-related techniques and improve joint mobility to better prepare you for your workouts.

WHAT it is:

- An individually prescribed set of home-based daily exercises and corrective/mobility drills for your workouts.

WHO it is for:

- Athletes of all types (Crossfit, Powerlift, football, baseball, etc)

- Anyone that just wants to feel/move better

HOW it works:

(1) You send in detailed PHOTOS I ask for and video I need

(2) I study (and usually ask for more)

(3) We meet (online via ZOOM) to confirm my thoughts by assessing your movements

WHAT you get:

(1) I create a PDF of daily exercises you need and a personalized VIDEO library of mobility drills to your level *there is NO FOLLOW-UP with this program.


- We take a detailed look at your posture from head to toe to discover joints that are misaligned as a result of old injuries or habits.

- You will perform a series of simple movements to help us discover any potential muscle imbalances.

WHAT you need for the assessment:

- The ZOOM app with a webcam (mobile devices are suitable)
- A broomstick, chair, and a wall (no need to be at the gym)
* NO ENGLISH NECESSARY, Skype has a translator service.