Injury Proof Fitness


This is for 5 sessions of online fitness coaching via ZOOM. The goal is help you build a plan of exercises that helps you move the way you want to help you do the things that you love most.


Session 1  Full-Body Postural Assessment - During this session, we will assess your postural deviations and learn how your old injuries have created your unique muscle imbalance. You will be given your SOFT TISSUE & TRIGGER POINT RELEASE PLAN.

Session 2 Joint & Muscle Mobilization Screening - During this session, we will be assessing you for movement asymmetries. This will help me understand which muscles are overactive and contributing to your dysfunctions. You will be given your JOINT & MUSCLE MOBILIZATION PLAN.

Session 3 Pelvic Repositioning - During this session, we will be assessing your pelvic alignment. This will help me understand the root cause of your underactive muscles and postural deviations. You will be given your FIVE DAILY MUSCLE ACTIVATIONS.

Session 4 Functional Fitness - During this session, you will be assessed for functional movement competence. You will be asked to demonstrate a functional movement to help me understand your current movement abilities. You will be given your INJURY PROOF FITNESS PLAN. This plan will be personalized to your needs, goals, abilities, time, and equipment available.

Session 5 Injury Proof Strategies - During this session, you will have your posture re-assessed. This will help me determine which muscles of your body are dominant and require more attention. You will be given your CORRECTIVE EXERCISE PLAN.



All sessions are done via ZOOM and will take about 20 minutes. You will get LIFETIME ACCESS to your own personalized library of routines and videos.