Golfers Movement Assessment & Training Program (GMA)


Golfers Movement Assessment & Training Program

With the Golfers Movement Assessment & Training Program, we will look at the mobility/stability of ankles, knees, hips, upper back, shoulders, and neck as they relate to performance. The assessment will illuminate all muscle imbalances and be used to create a personalized 10-week strength and conditioning program to fit your needs.

After following this 10-week plan, expect to:

Improve your posture
Improve your mobility
Improve your strength
Improve your balance
Improve your power
Improve your swing

The 10-week training program will be broken up into three distinct phases:

Phase One - Postural Strengthening: During this phase, we will highlight your muscle imbalances and utilize corrective strategies to overcome muscle imbalances.

Phase Two - Joint Stabilization/Balance: During this phase, a heavy emphasis will be placed on motor control and improving active range of motion in rotation. In this phase, we activate the muscles that are responsible for allowing you to twist at the ankles, hips, and upper back. Expect long and slow sets. In this phase, we will emphasize time-under tension and challenging balance.

Phase Three - Hip & Core Access: During this phase, you will learn to use the muscles of your hips, core, and upper back to not only generate but to decelerate force as well. Special emphasis will be placed on creating symmetrical movement patterns. Expect movement patterns to challenge the core but mimic the demands of golf.

*All phases include pre-workout and post-workout routines that are created from the assessment to fit your needs.


After you sign-up, you will receive an email with your homework. The homework includes images, measurements, and history. Once the homework is completed and returned, you will receive a link to schedule the assessment. All assessments are done via ZOOM between the hours of 3:30am to 7:00pm pst. and take about 30 minutes to complete. You will receive your training program within 72 hours of session.