Body Blueprint Cheat Sheet featuring the "Posture Plan"


I have worked with over 10,000 people online and this is a CHEAT SHEET for the drills that I have programmed more than others. These drills include exercises to help

  • create better space between joints
  • relax the overworked muscle and release trigger points
  • lengthen tight muscle
  • activate weak muscle 
  • integrate functional movement patterns

These exercises have proven to help people move and feel better time and time again. This project includes:


A specially designed workout called the "Posture Plan" to help you overcome the most common postural deviations that I have found from people all over the world. This workout of 18 exercises can be used to help reverse muscle imbalances, prevent chronic pain, and re-educate movement.

 This is a 40 digital project with more than 100 interactive links to video demonstrations.