Range of Motion Fitness is an online corrective exercise business. I create customized plans from people from all over the planet using ZOOM. Each persons plan starts with a detailed look at posture to help me understand their muscle imblances


Here is a list people and organizations that are a composite of all that I know and share:


Cal Poly Pomona - Exercise Science, BS


National Academy of Sports Medicine

    - Sports Performance

    - Corrective Exercise Specialist

    - Personal Training

Gray Institute 

    - CFAS

    - 3DMaps

Functional Movement Screen

The BioMechanics Method I, II


All my thoughts, I owe to these people and their fine programs but NOT one of them can teach me how to have a stronger passion for helping people. Thank you for taking a look around my site and for following my page. My goal has always been to help as many people as possible.


Jeremy & Nety


Become a Better Human